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St. Louis Furniture Refinishing
Trust Zollinger with your fine furniture and family heirlooms

We believe in the value of skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail and knowledge of furniture construction gained through our artisans’ decades of experience. When you entrust us with a piece of furniture or a family heirloom, you can be sure we will take no shortcuts.


Zollingers employs full-time master craftsmen. Whether your furniture needs carved pieces to match damaged originals, restoration of an antique finish, or repair of its fine veneer, your work will be done—start to finish—in our own shop. We invite you to visit us, see examples of work in progress and talk with us about the needs of your furniture.


Hallmarks of an expert refinishing process:


Structural repairs

  • Loose joints are disassembled, the existing glue is eliminated, joints reglued, reset and clamped for 24 hours.
    Broken pieces are replaced (custom carved or shaped) and structural integrity ensured by a master carpenter.


Veneers re-glued, repaired or replaced

  • Zollinger has revived the critical and nearly lost art of “glue sizing.”
    The process ensures that splits in veneer will not reappear and surfaces will remain satiny smooth after the refinishing.



  • Zollinger does not “dip and strip” or use a “flow-over” system to remove old finishes.
    The use of water in these processes may cause structural damage. We use only sparingly applied pure solvents.
    Absolutely no water is applied to furniture in our shops.


Paste filling applied before final sanding and staining

  • Some woods have an open grain. To achieve the smoothest possible surface, Zollinger’s craftsmen apply
    a paste fill before final sanding and before staining.


Final finish

  • Zollinger offers finishes ranging from porous oil to the most durable catalyzed finishes.
    We decide with the customer which will best match the use and proper restoration of the piece of furniture.


For new project inquiries - click here to contact us

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