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St. Louis Furniture Repair

Zollinger treats your furniture like family

Whether it’s a cradle that’s been in your family for generations or an 19th Century table discovered at an estate sale, Zollinger’s craftsmen have the skills to repair your furniture and bring it beautifully back to life. We can custom make pieces, restore dull or damaged finishes, replenish your existing finish, and custom-build or modify furniture so that it better suits your needs.


At Zollinger, we expertly evaluate furniture in need of repair. We recognize that some pieces have sentimental as well as utilitarian value. We tell you what can be done as well as what needs to be done. And we tell you whether a piece of furniture is beyond repair or not worth the investment, unless it has special meaning.


Your complete satisfaction is our goal. We invite you to visit our shop, see examples of work in progress and talk with us about your furniture needs.

For new project inquiries - click here to contact us

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