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Furniture Terminology

Reglued: Loose joints disassembled, existing glue eliminated from the disassembled joints, joints reglued, reset and clamped for 24 hours.


Refinished: Finish removed completely as specified, wood scuff sanded, paste filled, stained, sealed, finished with alcohol and water resistant acrylic modified lacquer and hand rubbed to a satin sheen.


Important facts: All of our finish removal is done by hand using solvents only. Absolutely no water is used in our finish removal or refinishing process. No dipping or flow over methods are employed. All hazardous waste created in the refinishing process are disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations.


Recoated: Piece cleaned with a solvent (naphtha) as specified, a penetrating stain applied to all raw or worn areas, burn-in procedure utilized where practical on deep nicks, dents and scratches, piece scuff sanded, coated with alcohol and water resistant acrylic modified lacquer and hand rubbed to a satin sheen.


Glue Size: When veneer is showing signs of delamination a clear penetrating glue is applied to the entire face of the delaminating veneer. The glue is then allowed to dry. The veneer face is then thoroughly sanded prior to the application of stain.


Reupholstery: Our reupholstery process includes the vertical and horizontal matching of all patterns. All upholstered sections are crowned appropriately to eliminate any flat visual perspectives. All seat cushions are generously crowned. All medium density loaded polyfoam has a polyfoam density rating of 2.7 pounds per cubic foot.


Fabric: Yardage indicated is based upon 54" wide fabric with no pattern repeat. A fabric selection that is less than 54" wide and/or having a pattern repeat will require additional yardage. If you would prefer to supply your own fabric, only our labor charges apply.

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