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The front of the building where Zollinger Furniture is located.

In September of 1893, Zollinger Furniture Company opened for business. For 129 years, we have continued to provide the same quality craftsmanship that has attracted our customers, generation after generation. Our skilled personnel have an average of 35 years of experience in their individual trades. Over half of our employees with Zollinger Furniture Company have 25 years or more trade experience.


We invite you to visit our shop for yourself. Witness the fact that even in today's high-tech world, the highest quality hand craftsmanship is still available.


Our first floor features master craftsmen of three specialties: custom carpenters, furniture finishers and upholsterers. On our second floor, you will see window and bed treatments of every kind being hand made by the finest seamstresses.


Visitors are always welcome.


We are proud of our reputation and of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


One reason that we have a great reputation is that we don't cheat jobs.

•      We hand strip furniture using solvents only. Absolutely no water is used in our finish removal or refinishing process. No dipping or flow over methods are employed.

•      All hazardous waste created in the refinishing process are disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations.

•      We use solvent based finishes to give our customers the most durable finishes on the market today.

•      Water based finishes are cheaper, but they are not as durable.

•      We neutralize our strippers with Acetone. Water would cost us nothing, but it would be harmful to the solid wood, the veneers and the joints.

•      Our upholsterers use jute webbing, hemp twine and burlap. Synthetic webbing, synthetic twine and synthetic burlap are much cheaper, but they are not even close in durability.

•      Reupholstery: Our reupholstery process includes the vertical and horizontal matching of all patterns. All upholstered sections are crowned appropriately to eliminate any flat visual perspectives. All cushions are generously crowned. All medium density loaded polyfoam has a polyfoam density rating of 2.7 pounds per cubic foot.

•      We only use loaded polyfoam. We do not even consider using basic polyfoam in our upholstery department.

•      When we reglue a piece of furniture, we don't just inject glue into the loose joints, we disassemble the loose joints, the existing glue is eliminated from the disassembled joints, the disassembled joints are then reglued, reset and clamped for 24 hours.

•      See our Terminology Page.


For new project inquiries - click here to contact us .

We will review, consult, respond, and provide a written estimate.

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